Claim On Policy

How Can I Make a Claim on my Policy?

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Making a claim on your policy can be done in a number of different ways, just as the numerous ways that you can compare insurance policies before you actually make a purchase. You can choose to file a claim online, in person or over the phone in most instances. However, the claim processing and filing process is different with every company and, when dealing with something as intense as professional liability insurance, the claims process may require specific information that you should have before sitting down to process the claim.

When you are dealing with a professional liability insurance claim, you are most likely dealing with a substantial amount of money. This coverage handles civil liabilities including breach of duty lawsuits, loss of damage, dishonest or fraudulent accusations and unintentional defamation to name a few. Professional liability coverage also includes expenses involved in bodily injury and property damage claims from your professional service as well as claims of negligence or malpractice. Legal fees can get expensive when dealing with something of this caliber and thus you can expect the coverage to be fairly great.

When you are dealing with several hundreds of thousands of dollars or even million dollar lawsuits, putting in a claim is not going to be as simple as when you are dealing with a broken windscreen on your car. When you are making a claim you will need specific details about the event. You can also expect someone from the insurance agency to contact you and work with you directly. This person is normally known as an insurance adjuster and will double, triple and quadruple check everything before offering you full compensation.

Ways of Filing Claims

One of the ways to file a claim is through the phone. You will need to contact your insurance provider and give them details about your policy, such as policy number and name. You will then go through the various details over the phone with them. They will ask you questions and fill in the form according to what you say. The good thing about filing a claim this way is that if you are ever unsure of a question, you have someone right there to help you understand what is meant.

Another way to file a claim is in person, which, again, offers you a direct way to get the claim processed quickly as you will be meeting face to face with someone. This can be a little more out of your way, however, as you will need to make an appointment, drive to the agency and spend at least an hour going over the claim. However, it also means that you can relay most of the information right there which can speed the claims process up.

A final option is through an online claim which tends to be the most convenient. An online claims process allows you to fill in the form yourself. The good thing is that you can do it at home or in the office when you have a free moment. The bad news, however, is that often you may not have all the required details or may be confused about a question. If this is the case, you can contact the helpline for claim assistance, in most instances.

One more thing to remember when you make a claim on your policy is that before you are compensated you will need to pay the required deductible. This is the amount that you will agree on when purchasing your policy. When dealing with professional liability insurance the steps may vary from provider to provider and the process length may also vary. However, the claims process will be relatively similar to the above.