Making a Claim on Your Policy

Making a Claim on Your Policy

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You have taken the time to look over the advice or service that you are going to provide. You have made sure that every detail is in place. Even with all of the precautions that you have taken, there is a possibility that you have made a mistake. If you make a mistake and someone files a lawsuit against you, that means that you need to make a claim on your professional liability insurance for safety inspectors.

Making a Claim

Whenever you have had a lawsuit filed against you, you may be shocked, but this is no time to lay down on the job. What you need to do first is get together any paperwork that you and the client had together. You should find receipts, contracts, and any other written agreements that may be in play. Once you have gotten these things together you need to speak with your insurance company.

Your insurance company will assign a professional to look over your claim. You and this person are going to get to know each other much better since you will be speaking to them a lot. After getting all of the information to this assigned claims professional, you do not have to do a great amount of work. The claims professionals must first look over your claim to find out if your policy covers the lawsuit.

After your claim is properly looked over, and they find out that your policy does cover this situation, it is time to proceed. You should speak with your insurance company contact to see what action is to be taken now. There are a couple of different options that are available for moving forward.

Settling a Claim

Your insurance company must speak with the person who has brought the lawsuit against you. Sometimes it is possible to settle the case out of court, but other times one or both parties are not agreeable so no settlement can be reached. If a settlement can not be reached, you will have to go to court against the other person.

Since your claim has been approved, your professional liability insurance will pay for your legal fees. Depending on the amount of your policy, you most likely will be able to have all of your legal fees and the settlement paid for. If you have a deductible on your policy, you will have to pay this before you are able to get any payment from your policy.

Before you get any type of professional liability insurance, it is wise to thoroughly look over the policy that is being offered to your. If you do not look at every clause of the policy, you may find that some of the lawsuits that you come up against are not covered. If you think that you are covered, go to file a claim, and then find out that you are not going to be able to be covered, you may not be able to pay the settlement money and your business could end up in some serious trouble.

Whenever you are thinking about getting professional liability insurance, you should ask about the process of making a claim on your policy. It is important that you understand how the company operates as well as any special rules and regulations that the company has. It is always better to ask additional questions before you get your policy than it is to ask the questions afterwards. It is much more difficult to change your policy over to someone else than to choose the right insurance company to deal with your policy in the first place.