Professional Liability Insurance and Bodily Injury

Professional Liability Insurance and Bodily Injury

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When you are a business professional, the work that you do can affect other people. As this is the case, there is a lot of room for your actions to be questioned by those you provide products or services to. As such, you need to make sure that you have a good professional liability insurance policy to keep you protected when you are doing your job. Before you can get a policy, though, you need to consider the type of coverage that you are looking for. That way, you can get a policy, such as disciplinary defense insurance that suits your needs.

It’s important for you to know what’s covered under your professional liability insurance policy, so that you can be sure that you aren’t going to be in trouble when a lawsuit is filed against you. One of the things that you may be curious about is whether or not this policy is going to protect you from things like bodily injury claims. The fact of that matter is that claims related to bodily injury at not usually going to be covered under a professional liability insurance policy.

If you want to get a policy that is going to protect you in terms of bodily injury claims, then you’re going to need a general liability insurance policy. It’s a good idea for all professionals to have this type of policy anyway, as it could end up saving them a lot of money in the future. You don’t want to end up with a hefty lawsuit on your hands that you can’t pay for. Getting the right types of coverage will make sure that this does not happen to you at any point.

Personal Injury vs. Bodily Injury

One of the things that might end up confusing you when it comes to coverage is the difference between bodily injury coverage and personal injury coverage. Bodily injury coverage is going to help you when your company, work, employees or anything else associated with the business that you do on a daily basis causes physical injury to someone else. This could be a client or a customer or a third party, and you could be held responsible for the injuries and have to pay out a lot of money. This is the type of coverage that a general liability insurance policy will offer you.

Personal injury is a much different thing, and it’s something that is going to be provided to you by a good professional liability insurance policy. This is a type of coverage that can protect you against things like libel or slander. It can even protect you from invasion of privacy claims. While this might not be a big need in every profession, it is something that comes up in a lot of different professions. If you want to make sure that you are well protected from these types of things, then you need this coverage on your policy.

Get Both Forms of Coverage

Professional liability insurance and bodily injury coverage are not part of the policy, but you should make sure that you get both types of coverage. If you are worried about being able to protect your career in the future and be able to earn a living to support your family, then you need to be covered no matter what could end up going wrong. You may be able to find a provider who can offer you both types of coverage, and you could end up getting a discount for combining your different coverage types.